February 13, 2019

Iran’s vision for Iraqi market on track

Iran is pushing forth with a 2025 vision plan to raise its exports to Iraq to $20 billion a year.

Iran’s business adviser at the country’s embassy in Baghdad was quoted as saying Tuesday that the Islamic Republic was already ahead of its plan, with non-oil exports currently standing at $4.5 billion. “Based on the average growth rate of 8.5% of non-oil exports and the realization of about $ 4.5 billion worth of these exports, we can say that we are 28% ahead of our export targets to Iraq,” Nasser Behzad said. Iran is currently Iraq's top trade partner, with annual turnover of about $12 billion, according to Iraqi officials. Foodstuff, livestock, construction material and plastic products constitute the bulk of Iran’s exports to Iraq. Iranian vehicles and food items are a ubiquitous sight in Iraq. “Boosting non-oil and energy exports, exchanging trade delegations, holding exhibitions, promoting Iranian goods, maintaining constant diplomatic and specialized consultations and helping companies increase their marketing knowledge are some of the plans,” Behzad said. https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/10/16/577170/Iran-Iraq-trade-US-sanctions-Trump-Kurdistan