June 24, 2018

Brazilian govt. to help businesses continue trade with Iran

The Brazilian government will spare no efforts to help Brazilian and Iranian firms develop relations after the US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, according to the Brazilian ambassador to Iran in an exclusive interview with the MNA.

Brazil's Ambassador to Tehran Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos visited Mehr News Agency headquarter in the center of Tehran on June 11 and sat down for an interview with journalists from the English desk. During the interview, Mr. Santos kindly answered every question he was asked. He first talked about the possibility of more cultural cooperation between the two countries’ media, and urged the MNA staff to visit Brazil and conduct interviews with Brazilian officials. Next, in response to a question about his country’s foreign policy, he underlined that his country always pursues political solutions for world problems and does not seek any aggressive policies as its history shows. Then, he touched upon bilateral trade relations betaween Iran and Brazil, urging for more economic ties. In response to a question regarding Brazil’s reaction to the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, the ambassador said that Brazilian government believes that the JCPOA should remain in place and it will do its best to preserve bilateral trade with Iran despite risk of US sanctions. Meanwhile, he stressed that it is up to the Brazilian firms themselves to decide whether to continue business with Iran or not under the threat of US sanctions. But he added that only companies that engage in business in the US market will be at risk and there are many other Brazilian companies that have no relations with the US at all. Therefore, those companies can remain in Iran’s market. https://en.mehrnews.com/news/134860/Brazilian-govt-to-help-businesses-continue-trade-with-Iran