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Iran’s vision for Iraqi market on track

Iran’s business adviser at the country’s embassy in Baghdad was quoted as saying Tuesday that the Islamic Republic was already ahead of its plan, with non-oil exports currently standing at $4.5 billion. “Based on the average growth rate of 8.5% of non-oil exports and the realization of about $ 4.5 billion worth of these exports, … Continue reading "Iran’s vision for Iraqi market on track"

Iran’s 1st marketing center to be launched in Iraq

The project is aimed at developing export markets, Behzad said. He added that 21 priorities have been mentioned for Iran’s top products to participate in the Iraqi market. The priorities consist of industrial goods, electricity, knowledge-based, oil and gas, building, Animal and poultry food, technical and engineering services, drug and laboratory materials, plastic and petrochemical … Continue reading "Iran’s 1st marketing center to be launched in Iraq"

Agrifood Exports Show Ample Growth

Based on figures released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration the growth indicates a record over the past eight years. The agrifood exports accounted for 8.4% and 14.5% of the volume and value of total non-oil exports over the period respectively, the news portal of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture … Continue reading "Agrifood Exports Show Ample Growth"

Brazilian govt. to help businesses continue trade with Iran

Brazil’s Ambassador to Tehran Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos visited Mehr News Agency headquarter in the center of Tehran on June 11 and sat down for an interview with journalists from the English desk. During the interview, Mr. Santos kindly answered every question he was asked. He first talked about the possibility of more cultural cooperation … Continue reading "Brazilian govt. to help businesses continue trade with Iran"

Iran Ups Non-Oil Exports by 21 Percent

“Iran’s non-oil exports hit $11.242 billion in the first three months of the current year, showing a 21 percent rise compared to last year’s corresponding period,” Iran’s Customs Administration announced. It also said that the statistics showed that $9.984 billion worth of commodities were imported to the country during the said period. In relevant remarks … Continue reading "Iran Ups Non-Oil Exports by 21 Percent"

Iran exports ice cream to US

Since the start of the current Iranian fiscal year (started March 21), a dairy products manufacturing unit has exported 3,500 kilograms of ice cream to the United States, IRNA news agency reported. The ice cream cargo has been delivered to the US through Shahid Beheshti Port in the southeastern city of Chabahar, the report added. … Continue reading "Iran exports ice cream to US"

Iran mulling plans to export shrimp directly to China

“We are in talks with relevant authorities to export potted shrimp to China and we plan to do this directly,” Hassan Ahmadi Jazani, the deputy head of Iran’s Seafood Exporters Union, reportedly told the news agency on Monday. Iran produced 20,000 metric tons of shrimp during the previous Iranian year (March 21, 2017 to March … Continue reading "Iran mulling plans to export shrimp directly to China"

Iran Saffron Exports at Record High

About 236 tons of saffron worth more than $325 million were exported from Iran during the last fiscal year (March 2017-18), indicating a 55% and 56% growth in weight and value respectively compared with the year before This marks a 10-year record and growth in exports for two consecutive years, the head of Agriculture, Water … Continue reading "Iran Saffron Exports at Record High"

Iran Among World’s Top Honey Producers

Iran has made noticeable progress in honey production, as it rose from 77,000 tons in 2016 to 88,000 tons in 2017, making the country the third biggest honey producer in the world after China and Turkey. This was announced by Kristina Radej, Slovenia’s ambassador to Iran, on Sunday, ILNA reported. Her comments about Iran’s global … Continue reading "Iran Among World’s Top Honey Producers"

Iranian dates most preferred food item in Pakistan’s Ramadan

Fruit sellers offer Iranian dates exclusively on their stalls and carts while they can be found on grocery stores and Ramadan markets. The tradition of breaking fast with date is connected to the religious practices in Ramadan as Muslims across the globe prefer to eat dates in iftari prior to anything else. Breaking fast by … Continue reading "Iranian dates most preferred food item in Pakistan’s Ramadan"