German trade fair organisers which are members of AUMA or FAMA (Special Association for Fairs and Exhibitions; member of AUMA) offer their know-how to exhibiting firms all over the world. This is the reaction to a growing demand for professionally organised trade fairs in emerging markets and remote regions of the world.

In 2018 focus of the German trade fair activities abroad is on China, India, Russia, Turkey, and USA. Two thirds of the total 314 trade fairs of German organisers are held there.
15 AUMA- and FAMA-members will present their shows in
38 countries.

The concepts for these events are based on the standards of leading international trade fairs in Germany, and therefore allow exhibitors to achieve above-average trade fair success even in difficult markets.




The GTQ-label and its criteria

In order to emphasise the top quality of German foreign trade fairs, AUMA has developed the label »German Trade Fair Quality Abroad (GTQ)« in accordance with its mem- bers involved in trade fair activities abroad.

To obtain the GTQ-label German organisers have to

  • own the basic concept of the trade fair,
  • manage the concept realisation,
  • draw up the budget and
  • control the international marketing.For more information Please find the attached file